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Wikilibya, is an independent company, non-governmental, it was established according to legal laws and regulations, on July – 4th – 2017, it is located in Benghazi City – Libya, and it has many other branches in different cities such as, Tobruk, Albayda, and Tripoli.

– Wikilibya is a modern company in this field as a legal body, but at the same time it includes a group of CV owners with a successful history in their fields of journalism, media, public relations and marketing of all kinds, and it has achieved important successes in a short time. After it gained the trust of governmental and non-governmental institutions and many foreign companies.


The company owns a network of social media platforms, in addition, a radio station named “Leblad Radio“, which is firmly on the path of pioneering the field of community awareness and advertising in various ways.

Leblad Radio راديو البلاد

Our company also launched a real estate valuation and marketing service under the name “Libya Estate” on June 30, 2021.Libya Estate عقار ليبيا

Since the description of our company is concerned with providing cultural services before being a media services provider, that is why we established “Sahara Center Fo Research” on march 1, 2020.

Sahara Center For Research

Wikilibya is also allying with several companies inside, outside the country, and in various fields to provide its customers with all the advertising services and satellite broadcasting.

Such as Sky News Arabia, Alarabiya, Alarabiya alhadath, Russia Today, 218 TV.

It is also the exclusive provider for Al-Sharq news channel – Bloomberg, which is located in Dubai, and it is exclusively responsible of providing all kind of services in Al-sharq’s Favor.

 E-mail: info@wikilibya.ly
B5, 1st Floor, OF1, Beloun,street-Benghazi,
Cyrenaica – Libya.


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